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Keep your company in COVID-19 compliance

We know the logistical requirements your organization needs to track COVID-19 employer vaccination compliance

COVID Compliance Devices
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Easy Web & App Access

Snap Healthcare™ app allows employees to upload vaccination cards and test results

Compliance Dashboards

Easy-to-read COVID-19 Vaccine and
Testing Compliance Dashboards

Automated Notifications

Employees and Employers are automatically notified when out of testing compliance

Employer Vaccination Compliance Tracking & Notifications Made Easy


Automatically send results/reminder notifications via text or email to employees + employers to comply with vaccination mandates


Employees and employers can access an up-to-date results dashboard to monitor employer vaccination compliance and testing for COVID-19


Access to a HIPPA Compliant web-based system – truly turn-key with no special installations


Manage your team's account with unlimited admin and employee user accounts


Protect your business from a potential COVID-19 shutdown with OSHA compliant records


We offer on-site weekly COVID-19 testing for the convenience of employees and improved access to testing

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Snap Healthcare™
at a Glance

Snap Healthcare™ is a web-based platform built to serve Human Resources, Occupational Medicine Clinics, and Testing Centers.

Transform your COVID-19 documentation, delivery of results, and vaccination management through portals, data exchange, and email and text (SMS) notifications.

For Employers

Snap Healthcare™ is a web-based platform built to serve Human Resources, Occupational Medicine Clinics, and Testing Centers.

Healthy Care

Snap Healthcare™ is a turnkey solution ready with documentation to complete physical, drug screens, COVID-19 testing/compliance, and vaccines.

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Full Wraparound Solution

Snap Healthcare’s software platform automates communication between you and your health care providers. Our solution increases the capacity of your healthcare operation, decreases the need for support staff, and delivers quick results. Through effective, accurate reporting, we can keep your employees safe and your business in compliance. Our turnkey solution has documentation ready to complete physicals, drug screens, COVID-19 testing/compliance, and vaccines.

Reporting / Compliance

Utilize a COVID-19 compliance dashboard that tracks employee results and provides employers easy to read vaccination compliance information.

Vaccine Verification

Employees can quickly upload their vaccination cards to the Snap Healthcare app for compliance tracking.

On-Site COVID-19 Testing

Let Snap Healthcare come to your location and conduct COVID-19 diagnostic tests.

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Automated notifications are crucial for any employer or physician to ensure the health and safety of their employees and patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Snap Healthcare follows strict HIPAA compliance regulations to ensure the safety and protection of employee health data. We will only share employees' COVID-19 vaccination status with employers, and employees will be notified prior to that data being shared.
Employers can see employees' COVID-19 test data and related data (check ins, work readiness, etc.). Non-COVID-19 data will not be visible to employers.
Our COVID tracking dashboard displays COVID-19 vaccination doses, dates of vaccinations and brand(s) administered. We also display COVID test results and symptom tracking for members.
Yes, the dashboard will show the latest information on your employees' COVID-19 vaccination and testing status. It will also notate those who opted out for medical or religious accommodations. Depending on your company’s policy, your organization can choose if opting-out requires workers to do recurrent testing. Testing and vaccinations done through Snap Healthcare will also reflect in the dashboard.
Yes, employees can upload CDC compliant vaccination cards to Snap Healthcare using the photo upload feature in the app.
Yes, you can build the dashboard to follow your own company's vaccination status policy in alignment with EEO laws. Thereby showing exemptions for unvaccinated employees who choose to opt-out for religious or medical reasons.